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Do you believe in unicorns?

The Saucy "slightly" overweight Unicorn will put a smile on your face and bring sauce into the NFT world. First of all, with a genesis collection of 44 completely original 1/1 artworks. Followed shortly after by the Main Collection on 9th April (The Unicorn Day). Our artist Zoljo is all about spreading positive vibes. And remember: Unicorns are real.

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The team


Head Artist


Head Marketing


Project Manager


Head Strategist

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Wen Mint?

To Be Announced in the Discord

How many?

To Be Announced in the Discord


To Be Announced in the Discord

Genesis Collection?

44 Unique 1/1 Saucy Unicorns to give allow you to already enter Saucy Wonderland! (or something else if you have a more Saucy Idea)

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